Rinconcitos Brujos

Las Flores

Alguna vez me enamoré de una florista.
Cientos de flores pasaban por entre sus manos
diariamente, formando parte de una obra
de arte inimitable. Tímido, sin saber a ciencia
cierta mis pasos, me acerqué una tarde
bajo una luz rosada. Yo amo lo que hago, 

me dijo con un fuerte acento del sur,
¿tú eres de los hombres que aman lo que hacen?
Murmuré: yo amo verte, y eso es lo único
que hago ahora, pero no pudo escucharme
entre la multitud, y cuando me fijé 
de nuevo, pude ver que ya no estaba sola.

Poema de Román Villalobos (thesouthernthruway)
Dibujos de María Figueroa (amberriess)

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La Tarrasque (1874) by Charles Lepec “La Tarrasque” was a legendary dragon from Provence (southern France) tamed by Saint Martha.


La Tarrasque (1874) by Charles Lepec 

“La Tarrasque” was a legendary dragon from Provence (southern France) tamed by Saint Martha.

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Artist Ramona Zordini (tumblr) - “The Project “Changing Time” explores the theme of change, thought of as physical and psychological alteration, linked to personal instincts, lifestyle, emotion, and paths taken in the course of life in a sort of indelibly imprinted writing on and in own body, portrayed in the liquid that is more congenial to evolution.

I started this project by chance. I wanted to change something in my life and I started to talk about this  subject with a friend of mine. I decided to start taking some pictures of human bodies using water as theatre.” (read more)

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Sacred Grove of Bomarzo, Viterbo, Italy. Vicino (Prince of Orsini) and Pirro Ligorio, 1552

Vicino created the “Grove of Monsters” as a strange love poem to his deceased wife, Giulia. The shapes of the enormous boulders in his garden reminded him of monsters, and he transformed these boulders into dragons, nymphs, and other fantastic creatures.

"Whoever does not walk through this place with eyebrows raised and lips pressed tight, will also be incapable of understanding the Seven Wonders of the World."

- Inscription at the entrance to the sacred grove, near a statue of Giulia with the body of a female Sphinx

Les Jardins de Bomarzo,Parco dei Mostri 

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